All India Corporate Photography Contest was started in the year 2014 with the aim to promote photography as an art form at the workplace. While we were on the project, we noticed many corporates picking photography as their second job because they love doing it and it became therapeutic to many of them in the process. While keeping it open for registered corporates only, we thought of this to be an exciting idea to bring in the corporate talent to the world so that they can get a bigger reach for something that they love doing! All India Corporate Photography Contest is close to everyone who has ever participated because it gave the corporate employees a chance to enhance, enrich and better their hobby of photography. Despite the constant pressure of dual jobs, the pictures have always amazed us with the creativity and thought process behind the same. What might seems like a hobby can aid many to deal with their life more healthily and lightly because of the time that they are investing to do one thing that they love and have, with zero pressure.

The Corporate Photography contest aims at bringing the best from the corporate employees' creative minds. It also aims to help employees who are amateurs but have a keen interest in the same field. This helps them take a break from the everyday hustle-bustle and calms their routine. We also conduct workshops in Corporate offices to make employees try something different and new if they have an interest in photography Indian Photography Edition has exhibited 10,000 photographers in these years and aims at taking this figure to lakhs in the coming ones. With more constant photos, creative souls and passionate minds coming in there's no going back, we are sure.