India Photography Contest is a creative platform for all the photographers in the country who wish to tell a story to the world with their photographs. The idea of this concept is to make these infamous heroes reach the world and tremendous them with the attention and praise they deserve. We make sure that the art that goes live is coming from different areas and is as diverse as the land itself. While promoting photographers from different parts of India, with zero bias in terms of area, region, locality, or anything else, we take pride in showing real talent to all who value art. With hundreds of writers sending in pictures every day, India Photography Contest is extremely versatile. We have entries coming in from places we had never heard of, and that's what makes us believe how much of a difference can this make in the larger picture. With eight years of this contest, we have promoted amateur photographers who had no experience but never lacked the thrill, passion and excellence.

While the internet is flooded with pictures from different places, we bring to the world, stories that are genuine, real and first hand. From the smallest and chilliest of towns in Kashmir to the places that would serve you spiciest food, we have entries from all the parts of the country.
This contest is strictly open to only Indian residents and all the photos that get selected or featured are clicked within the national boundaries only. This step is solely to ensure that more photographers from the country get a chance to get featured and share their love for nature, culture and nature. As they say, "A friend in the same field always helps", it also helps the photographers to know other photographers and connect/collaborate with them for more tips, tricks, projects and friendships.